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Driver Licence Check

Driver Licence Check (Smartlicence™)

TMS Cumbria are pleased to announce that we now have a new Driver Licence Checking service. TMS Cumbria (Smartlicence™) gives all new and existing clients peace of mind, that regular and automatic checks are done on their driver's licences.

Checking directly with DVLA and unique in its concept by being linked to driver's hours reporting, this exciting new service is unmatched by any Driver Licence Checking Service currently available.

Keep up to date automatically with alerts on:

* Disqualified drivers
* High risk drivers and any points on their licences
* New offences, even before your drivers tell you
* Licence expiry warnings
* Digital card expiry warnings (HGV & PCV)
* Audits due

We will even pre-warn you of an impending audit together with the drivers to be checked. If a driver has left your employment their audit will be cancelled.

Don't expose yourself or your Company to the risks of work related road incidents, non-insured drivers and ultimately prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter Act of 2007!

VOSA are now openly endorsing driver licence checking via DVLA and expect all Companies operating vehicles (of any type) to have processes in place to check licences.

TMS Cumbria guarantee this to be the most efficient and most cost effective service currently available in the UK.

5 reasons why you need to manage employees' driving licences

1. All employers have a duty of care to ensure any employee that is required to drive on behalf of the company is correctly licensed and entitled to drive.

2. The Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 - organisations that require employees to drive as part of their work must monitor their employees' entitlement to drive and verify driving licences.

3. Section 87 (2) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 - makes it an offence for a person to cause or permit another person to drive a motor vehicle of any class on a road if that other person is not the holder of a licence authorising him to drive a motor vehicle of that class.

4. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guidelines on Driving at Work strongly recommend that drivers' licences are checked when they first drive on behalf of the company and periodically thereafter.

5. Employees driving without a valid licence may invalidate company insurance.

Just looking at a driving licence once is not enough

A visual check of a drivers licence provides evidence of entitlement to drive at that point. However things can change very quickly and it is vital that organisations check licences at regular intervals. Drivers with 9 points on their licence may need to be checked every month.

Getting it wrong could be expensive

Benchmark fines for those found negligent in their "Duty of Care" responsibilities start at £500,000 - with no upper limit.

Licence Verification is Essential

Licence fraud and honest mistakes are a fact of life

Almost 2 million people move home each year. If a driver has failed to inform the DVLA of a change of address it is possible for their licence to be revoked without them even knowing about it. If DVLA do not have the correct details for a registered driver they may never receive notifications from them about intended prosecutions or changes to their licence status. Up until 2010, a driver had 12 months to return their licence for penalty points to be added. Now a driver has just 28 days to return their licence to DVLA, after which their licence will be revoked, making it illegal for them to drive.

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